Using clown therapy to deliver mental health care

From CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY NEWS, OCTOBER 2014 The clown/fool/jester is a recognizable fgure in every culture. The clown is an archetype, a universal image that’s embedded in the brain. These images dwell in the unconscious mind. They can be animals, people, gods/goddesses, or objects (a tree, a house, a cross, or mandala) that are a staple [Read More]


What is Clown Therapy?

The Clown/Fool/Jester is a recognizable figure in every culture in recorded history. The clown is an archetype, a human characteristic that’s biologically embedded in the mind, universally present in the human psyche. There are many archetypes; Kings, Warriors, Princesses, Wizards, and Demons, and they are all pieces of ourselves that all reflect unconscious patterns and [Read More]


Global outreach project is not your ordinary mental health clinic

Clinical Psychiatry News, Nov. 2013 We are in the midst of enormous changes in health care delivery. Implementation of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will make health care accessible to more people than ever before, and ushers in a cultural shift from a prohibitively expensive interventional health care model to one based [Read More]


Clown therapy in Peru: Maria returns

For the last 7 years, I have been traveling with Dr. Patch Adams, the world’s most recognized humanitarian clown, and 100 other clowns from around the world, to participate in the Belén Festival. This is a community health project that educates people, promotes wellness, and brings joy, hope, and healing to this impoverished community in Iquitos, Peru. [Read More]