Our Workshops

Introductory workshop

A series of introductory trainings for individuals and organizations who want to expand their abilities in connecting with people authentically.

  • The science of mind/body/spirit medicine
  • Getting out of your head and into your heart
  • Making healthy reciprocal relationships
  • Active listening and basic clown healing improvisational skills
  • THC will provide three months of follow-up to participants

Advanced Workshop

A continuation of the introductory program with an additional three months of follow-up and culminating in another day-long closing workshop.

  • Imagery, trance, and improvisation as windows into the unconscious mind
  • Expanding your intuitive skills and trusting the wise answers within
  • Dealing with silence and resistance
  • Working with children, adolescents, seniors, and special needs groups
  • Using props (music, puppets, games)
  • THC will provide six months of monthly follow-ups

Inspirist Workshop

A one-year training program specifically for those interested in magnifying their healing power. Participation includes introductory and advanced workshop training, plus an additional six months that concludes with a two-day closing workshop.

  • Finding solutions, overcoming obstacles, and focusing on resilience
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Curbing preconceptions and judgement
  • A day in the streets; a practicum at shelters, parks, treatment centers, recovery centers, homeless shelters, assisted living facilities
  • Graduates receive an “Inspirist” certificate and a personal THC Inspirist flag
  • THC will provide a monthly follow-up for the year

Here’s an example of doctors using improvisational techniques to intuitively connect with their patients. 

Global Inspirists

These THC level 1-3 graduates initiate and participate in preventive public health offerings.

  • They can hoist their THC flag on street corners, in parks, at community health events, concerts, bus depots and subway stations
  • THC Inspirists are a self-generative group who can call on each other to visit people in need, disaster areas, refugee camps
  • We gather in community at least yearly to Inspire each other in continuing this important work


The world needs you, and the time is now.  This training will increase self-awareness and make you more effective in connecting with people in trusting relationships.



We are creating a documentary about the evolution of The Healing Corps from its early roots as a doctor’s transformational journey from psychiatrist to healer and the importance in today’s world.