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The Healing Corps

We are an interdisciplinary healthcare initiative placing heart at the center of healing. With the archetypal clown as our inspiration, we invite you to see the familiar with new eyes and become a part of this transformative movement in healing through joyful, loving connection.

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The Healing Connection

Promoting health and wellness requires an inspiring healing connection. The Healing Corps offers workshops for healthcare professionals interested in learning and using the principles and practice of Clown Therapy to expand their therapeutic repertoire and magnify their clinical effectiveness – all while having fun!


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Beyond Healthcare

Our work is not exclusively directed to healthcare practitioners. We believe a healing exchange can happen in all human interactions.  Anyone who is in a position where human connection is the heart of their work can benefit from our workshops. We have worked with teachers, schools, corporations, community service organizations, and office staff. We offer customized curricula tailored to your needs that will inspire, strengthen communication skills, create relationships, and promote team morale.  

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The Healing Corps