Our Training

These workshops will open you to new ways of connecting with people authentically, with kindness and empathy.

Our workshops are didactic and experiential. Each level of training includes four 1½ hour virtual sessions, and a monthly follow-up call for 3 months. Each workshop is limited to 20 participants, so early registration is encouraged.

We do address larger audiences for customized half-day and full day sessions.

Introductory Workshop: Humanitarian Clown Healing Principles

You will learn the psychobiology of how laughter, humor, playfulness and spontaneity affect the brain and strengthen the immune system. How to:

  • Set the stage to open lines of communication
  • Face vulnerability and embarrassment
  • Share your truth not only in words but in silence, pantomime, body movement, even gibberish
  • Curb judgement and listen actively

Advanced Workshop: Humanitarian Clown Healing

In this continuing exploration you will learn how to:

  • Why the clown is a universal character in the human unconscious
  • Access your unconscious mind and its intuitive wisdom
  • Trust that the heart knows things the mind can’t conceive
  • Develop a clown character
  • Use props, voices, puppets

Becoming a Truth Fairy

Participation in the Introductory and Advanced workshops are a prerequisite.

Truth Fairies create a safe space and make a connection even in the hardest times. Learn how to:

  • Identify people’s strengths and resilience.
  • Create new endings to old stories.
  • Set boundaries and maintain balance in hard times.
  • Focus on solutions and taking one step forward.
  • At the completion of this workshop, we will gather for an in-person 2-day graduation ceremony that includes working and playing in the community.

Graduates receive a Truth Fairy certificate and a personal flag that they can hoist anywhere (street corners, in parks, at community health events, concerts, bus depots, subway stations) that announces “I am someone who will listen without judgement and maybe even lift your spirit.”

Global Truth Fairies

This is a self-generative group of Humanitarian Clowns who want to transform suffering into healing. Global Truth Fairies can call on each other to join them in talking with people who want and need to be heard.

Each year, at the Truth Fairy graduation ceremony the Global Truth Fairies will come together as a sacred tribe to connect and inspire each other in doing this holy work.

Become a Volunteer and join us!

Help support our mission to promote healing by inspiring authentic relationships that connect people in mind, body, and spirit.