How The Healing Corps Started

In 2007, in the jungles of the Amazon a group of humanitarian clowns who were also healthcare professionals began conducting public street clinics in the streets, marketplaces, and plazas of Iquitos, Peru. We invited people to talk about anything that might be of concern to them, and they responded enthusiastically. In brief 15-20-minute encounters they spoke freely to a knowledgeable, non-judgmental, compassionate, active listener, and often made profoundly impactful connections on both participants and practitioners; the clinics continued for years.

In 2016, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, an internationally recognized psychiatrist, author, and humanitarian clown and Hayley Sklar Shapiro, a community organizer, performance artist, humanitarian clown, and LGBTQ+ activist, brought this preventive health model to streets in the U.S. as the Clown Town Healing Fest (CTHF). This three-day extravaganza that took place in a public park in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, and brought together a wide range of healthcare resources to inspire people to live healthier lives. In addition, we conducted a unique workshop for healthcare professionals that incorporated the science of healing connections, and clown healing principles to teach caregivers how to quickly establish intuitive, heart-centered connections that inspire people.

The CTHF was enthusiastically received and attended by thousands but putting together such an enormous event proved difficult to sustain. We have refocused our efforts as The Healing Corps (THC). We now offer our unique workshops not just to healthcare providers, but also organizations and individuals interested in learning more about the art and science of communicating and relating to people authentically.

We believe that relationships are at the heart of healing. THC provides a unique platform that gives people an opportunity to learn how to better communicate with each other, and with themselves.

We provide a skill-based training program that applies clown healing principles to teach people how to “get real” with someone quickly; how to suspend judgement, listen actively, respond spontaneously, share your truth… all qualities that are the foundation for building trust.

This work couldn’t come at a better time; there is a desperation for authenticity in a world where it’s getting harder to distinguish what’s real or fake, and whom you can trust. Our survival in the future as families, Nations, and planet will be predicated on building trusting relationships.

We are creating an international community of people willing to talk to people who want to be heard. We call them Truth Fairies and they announce their presence wherever they sit down and hoist their Healing Corps flag which says…” I am someone who will listen without judgement and hopefully lift your spirit.”

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